Passport Photo
MailBox Rental
Fax & Scan Service
Casette Tape to CD
Color / B&W
Copies & Prints
VHS to DVD - $9.95 / Tape
Do you have old VHS tapes lying around? Over time, the content on the tape will fade as it ages. Don't lose your precious memories! Save your VHS tapes to DVD and keep them forever!

Passport Photos - $13.95
We take quality photos meet government standard for Passports or U.S. Citizenship & Immigration cards. These pictures are also perfect for student ids, work ids, or certificates! We can also print Passport Photos for other countries!

When you come to take your picture, please avoid wearing white!

For addtional photos it's only $4.00 per picture!
To download the USA Passport Application, click here.
Notary Services (7 Days a Week!)
Looking for a Notary? We can notarize your legal documents all seven days of the week! We can also provide copies and handle mailing your documents out afterwards!

When coming in for a notary, the signer must be physically present with a current and valid form of ID. IDs can be a Drivers License, Passport, Naturalization Card, or Visa.

Notary Prices are set by the state. Each signature is $15.00.
Mail Box Rental
We do not hang business licenses.
You can not open a business with these boxes.

Check out one of the best priced Private Mail Boxes in Vegas. It's just like a Post Office Box but you can also receive Fedex, UPS, DHL, and more!

Mail Box Size Price per Month
Small Mailbox $15 / Month
Medium Mailbox $20 / Month
Large Mailbox $25 / Month

Pay for 12 months in advanced, get two months free!
Pay for 6 months in advanced, get one month free!

To open a mailbox we require a minimum of at least three months. Afterwards, you're free to pay on a month-to-month basis at $20 or renew for 3 months or more at the original price. There is a $10 key deposit when opening a new box.
Fax & Scan Services
Even in this day and age, sometimes you need to fax paperwork out. Take advantage of our bulk pricing!

Fax Pricing
Number of Pages Price per Page
1 - 4 Pages $1 / Page
5 - 7 Pages 90¢ / Page
8 - 10 Pages 85¢ / Page
11 - 15 Pages 70¢ / Page
16 - 20 Pages 60¢ / Page
21 - 30 Pages 50¢ / Page
31+ Pages 40¢ / Page

Scan Pricing
Number of Pages Price per Page
1 - 5 Pages 70¢ / Page
5 - 10 Pages 60¢ / Page
10 - 15 Pages 50¢ / Page
15 - 20 Pages 40¢ / Page
21+ Pages 30¢ / Page

Add $1.00 to your total if you need your documents e-mailed!
Have documents and paperwork that need to be shredded? Our professional shredders securely cross-shred your documents to ensure your peace of mind that your personal information has been disposed of.

# of Pounds Price per Pound
1 - 5 Pounds 95¢ / Pound
6 - 10 Pounds 85¢ / Pound
11 - 20 Pounds 75¢ / Pound
21+ Pounds 65¢ / Pound

Documents will be held in a locked saftey container until our third party company comes onsite to shred your documents.
Business Cards
Looking for professional looking business cards? Can't afford to spend an arm and a leg on them? Let us take care of it for you! From matte to full gloss, our flat rate pricing saves you money while getting you the cards you deserve.

Turnaround time is typically 5 Business Days
For larger quantities, please contact us!
Trying to get the word out for your upcoming business, idea, or event? Save time and money by getting them done professionally done here at Tech-Mail! We can handle most popular sizes and can do custom sizing in-store!

Turnaround time is typically 5 Business Days
For larger quantities, please contact us!
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