Computer Repair Services
Computer acting funny?
Strange pop-ups blocking the internet?
Let us get your system in tip-top shape!
Computer Sales
Looking for a New or Used Computer?
Check out our laptops and desktop!
We also build custom computers!
Onsite Services
Having trouble bringing your computer in? Let our trained technicians come to you and solve the problem from the comfort of your home!
Computer Repair Services
Laptop or Desktop, Mac or PC, our technicians will check your computer and see if it's worth fixing. For Free!

Reformat & Reinstall with Data Backup  $129
The biggest service we have - the Reformat & Reinstall. Reserved when a computer is in pretty rough shape, we'll
completely wipe out your system and make it like a brand new computer. Includes our general software package which
comes with our daily cleaning progams and an antivirus!

Data Backup  $79
Hard Drives are bound to fail - don't lose all of your important data!
From pictures to excel spreadsheets, our trained technicians know how to save and store
your data safely and securely. Have the peace of mind knowing your data is covered in the event of an emergency!

Virus Removal  $79
Got Pop-Ups? Are you being redirected to strange sites?
Let our trained technicians get rid of those pesky viruses and malware!

System Cleanup  $79
Sometimes all your computer needs is a good clean to get rid of years of junk and buildup.
Think of it like the tune up you get for your car, except for your computer!

Hardware Installation
Have some new equipment for your computer but aren't comfortable installing it yourself?
From printers to video cards, We gotcha covered.
Desktops & Laptops for Sale
Used and Reburbished Desktops for Sale!
Looking for a system that won't break the bank and still have enough power to handle everyday tasks? Look no further than our Used Desktops! Cleaned and completely redone, these systems are the best bang for your buck.

Come and check our our constantly changing selection to find something that'll fit your needs!
New Laptops and Desktops!
Instead of dealing with pushy salesmen and computers full of junk and trial software, why not pick up a new one from us? All of our computers come fully setup with our full software suite which includes our general cleaning tools and an antivirus!

For our current stock of systems and prices, feel free to call us at (702)363-4499.

Custom Tech-Mail Gaming PC - $800+
Looking for a gaming computer that'll handle the needs of even the most competitive gamer? Check out our constantly updated gaming system that's built to meet the requirements of the latest games.

We carry both AMD and Intel Gaming models! For the most up-to-date information on our gaming desktops or for general questions, feel free to give the store a call at any time!

If you're looking to build the Custom Gaming Desktop of your dreams, check out our custom building options down below!
Build Your Own Custom Gaming PC
The idea of parting out and assembling your own computer can be daunting, especially if you've never done it before. Instead, let our seasoned system builders craft your dream system!

With over 20 years of experience building custom computers to spec, there's nothing too big or too ridiculous here! From custom water cooling to tri-sli setups, we can do it all!

Contact us today to build your dream system!
Onsite / Mobile Services
Free Onsite Diagnostics!
Having trouble with your computer and live within three miles of the store? Our trained technicians will come out to your home and give you a diagnosis on your computer!

House Call Service
Having trouble with technology at home? Let our trained technicians come to you!
From a pesky wireless router that won't connect to setting up that brand new wireless printer, we have you covered.

Onsite Business Service
There's hardly enough time to run a business - don't let your technology woes waste any of your precious time! Our trained technicians can come to your office and wrangle your technology instead of letting it run amok. All for an affordable hourly rate!

Looking to setup repeat service? Call us for more information!
Looking to setup your new office? We have a full range of new & used computers and equipment to get your office ready to go!
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